American Tycoon Bill Gates Is In Kenya

American Tycoon Bill Gates is in Kenya for several public engagements.

Kenyans have funnily reacted to him being in Kenya some suggesting that Kenyan slay queens should go for him to milk some small cash from him.Others have said that the billionaire should just go pay the thugs robbing people in Nairobi so that they can leave the broke kenyans alone.

The Microsoft co-founder will tour Makueni county today for a meeting with Governor Mutula Kilonzo.He is set to visit the Makueni Mother and Child hospital and later meet the health care volunteers at Kathonzweni Health Centre.

He will then meet Kathonzweni farmers who use irrigation system for food production.

The businessman’s mission in the country includes healthcare, food security and copying with climate change.

On Thursday, Bill Gates will be at the University of Nairobi where he will give a talk on climate change, food security and health care in Africa.

Through Melinda and Gates foundation, he helps people live healthy and productive lives.


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