National Police Service List Crime Hotspots In Nairobi

The national Police Service has released a list of crime prone areas in Nairobi as criminal gangs continue to propagate robbery in the city.

These are the areas;

Thika highway along the Drive-In flyover to KCA, KCA underpass and Total exit.

Globe Cinema and Kipande road.

ABC Place and Kangemi along Waiyaki Way.

Parts of CBD including River Road, Archives, Kirinyaga road and Fig Tree.

The criminal gangs have been targeting everyone without discrimination, businesses as well as residential areas.

NPS also shared some tips to help the public deal with the criminals, such as being aware of their surroundings, taking note of parked cars, and individuals loitering around them and to avoid walking alone in the darkness.

Other measures include avoiding usage of mobile phones while walking in the streets, leaving laptops and tablets in the office if possible and to avoid carrying ATM cards unnecessarily.

Car owners have also been advised to make sure the doors are well locked and to take note of suspicious cars following them.


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