Diamond Platnumz’s Father Calls Him Out For Nose Piercing

Diamond Platnumz’s estranged father Mzee Abdul has today Thursday criticized him for getting a nose piercing .

Diamond had early last week put up a video on his social media showing him going through a nose piercing session.

Speaking on an interview with a Tanzanian media platform, Mzee Abdul said that piercing is a custom for women and that Diamond could not have gone that way.

Mzee Abdul went on saying that Diamond has gone against the African traditions and due to pride,ego and his stardom, he is now conforming to the white man’s way of life.

“He made a huge mistake. In our customs, men are not supposed to have nose piercings, Those are not customs by Tanzanians but by foreigners. I was unhappy seeing him do that.”Said Mr.Abdul.

Although Mzee Abdul is not in Diamond’s life, he is hopeful that one day they will burry the hatchet and agree to meet up


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