Amin Changes The Top DCI Managers And Names New Directors

Tuesday saw changes made at the agency as the new Director General of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Mohamed Amin, settled in with a staff to assist him in managing crime.

He placed all of the officers with the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police to directorates after recalling them all.

Criminal Investigations Officer Bernard Nyakwaka of the Central Region was transferred to the headquarters and given the title of director of complaints. DCI Wanderi Mwangi, who oversaw the railways, was assigned to planning, while Bernard Baraza of the Coast was assigned to reforms. Amos Omuga was transferred to the legal section.

The DCI for the Nyanza region, John Onyango, was transferred to the headquarters to serve as the Head of the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau.

Said Kiprotich, the head of operations for the Nairobi region, was transferred to the DCI headquarters and given that position.

Margaret Karanja, the director of forensics, has been promoted to lead the Rift Valley Regional DCI, replacing Francis Wanjau, the DCI chief in Kisumu County, who has been transferred to the Anti-Narcotics Unit.

DCI Paul Wachira, the regional director for Nairobi, was appointed the Investigation Bureau’s deputy and transferred to the headquarters (IB).

While Abdallah Komesha, the director of the National Centre for Counterterrorism, was transferred to the headquarters to serve as the head of personnel, Bethuel Oburu, the criminal investigations officer for Marsabit County, was promoted to the role of Central Kenya regional DCI supervisor.

Amin described the modifications as regular and intended to improve operations.

Obadiah Kuria, chief of the Serious Crime Unit, was transferred to Turkana and given the position of county executive.

Since taking over the department last month, Amin has been restructuring it.

He made an allusion to future adjustments.

The new team, which is made up of seasoned police personnel, will support Amin’s efforts to combat crime generally.

The majority of persons impacted were thought to be close to former DCI George Kinoti.

In managing crime generally, DCI is essential. The DCI’s primary responsibilities include gathering and providing criminal intelligence, conducting investigations into serious offenses like murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, and economic crimes, upholding law and order, and detecting and preventing crime.

They also detain criminals, keep track of criminal histories, organize national Interpol affairs, and conduct inquiries into cases that the Independent Police Oversight Authority may send to them.

For the more than 7,000 employees under his or her supervision, the DCI manages the budget.

To fulfill their mandate, the personnel are currently stationed at various government agencies.

The key divisions under DCI include, among others, the Banking Fraud Division, Anti-Terror Police Division, Anti-Narcotics Division, Interpol Regional Bureau, DCI Academy, and Bomb Disposal Division.


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