Pakistani Officials Visit The Location Where The Journalist Died

A group of Pakistani security personnel went to the shooting range where the assassinated journalist Arshad Sharif had been just hours earlier.

To find out how the journalist was slain, the Pakistani government dispatched a team of top security personnel.

The team is anticipated to deliver a report on its findings to the Pakistan Interior Ministry under the leadership of Arthar Waheed (Director of the Federal Investigation Agency) and Omar Shahid Hamid (Deputy Director of the Intelligence Bureau).

According to witnesses, the team visited the Ammodump Kwenia Shooting Range in Magadi on Sunday, October 30, while it was escorted by Kenyan investigators. Sharif had been there on October 23 when he was shot and killed at around 10 p.m.

After speaking with witnesses and personnel, they went to the shooting scene.

According to witnesses, the authorities were shown how the shooting occurred.

Saqlain Syedah, the Pakistan High Commissioner to Kenya, led the delegation that met with Noor Gabow, the acting Inspector General of Police, on Monday in his office.

Before departing Kenya, they were supposed to meet with other government representatives.

This occurred at the same time that authorities claimed the Pakistani team in charge of the investigation found a metallic object in Sharif’s chest following an autopsy.

After his body was returned home, the autopsy was performed by eight members of the medical board of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims).

It will now assist in conducting additional research into the types of weapons used in the shooting.

Officials from the General Service Unit (GSU) who were engaged in the incident said that after one of the car’s occupants shot one of the officers, they opened fire at the four-wheel drive carrying Sharif.

A 9mm round was used to shoot the cop in the left hand. There were firearms in the possession of every officer present.

It’s unclear who opened fire on the police officers at the roadblock, which was set up in response to allegations of a carjacking incident but really involved a father and son argument.

After Sharif’s visa to Dubai expired in August of this year, the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence is investigating who helped him go to Kenya and is requesting the participation of international specialists.

Sharif had been living with a Pakistani family in Nairobi’s Riverside Drive for more than two months.

The honorable journalist apparently spoke out strongly against the current political trends in Pakistan.

According to reports, he fled Pakistan as a result of an impending crackdown.

Some people of two villages in Magadi close to the scene of Sharif’s shooting have given their side of the story.

After being shot at by police who had set up a roadblock 26 kilometers away, the four-wheel-drive automobile carrying Sharif and his driver passed via the Kajiado North settlements of Esonorua and Tinga.

The GSU staff claimed that the locals called them and told them the automobile was approaching them.

At that time, a gunshot took place at the Kamkuru/Magadi junction.


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