Miguna Miguna Sets Conditions Before Accepting State Job.

Miguna Miguna, recently declared that he is prepared to accept President William Ruto’s job offer.

But he added that if the position is governed by the constitution, he will accept it.

In an interview with NTV on Friday, October 21, Miguna declared that he was committed to the primacy of the law and the constitution.

He decided against taking the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) position due to the legal ramifications and pending court battles contesting its constitutionality.

In order for him to decide whether to accept or reject the employment offer, Miguna requested that it be made through the correct procedures.

Which government appointment determines the answer. There are some items, for instance, that I would not take. I never choose myself. The appointment would have to be suggested before I could decide whether or not to accept it, remarked Miguna.

“I would refuse to take a lot of things. I won’t accept the unofficial CAS position,” he continued.

Miguna defended his decision to engage with Ruto after previously being a severe critic of him by asserting that the president had started reforms in numerous areas of the nation.

In dealing with cases of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, he applauded Ruto for his decision to dissolve the Special Service Unit (SSU), which was a part of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

“The DCI murdering squad has been dissolved, which is crucial. It is admirable when you see a president act in that way,” Miguna remarked.

He also commended Ruto for starting a series of political reforms that have helped the nation move toward economic growth.

“Ruto inspired the common people of this nation to embark on a program of transformation, despite the fact that this was not his political career’s focus. It was brand new. Only an honest person would oppose it.” Miguna said.


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