Kenyan Musician Dufla Diligon Cries Over His Long Time Crush Anerlisa Muigai

Love is indeed hurtful! Dufla has over the time been showing his unending love to the Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

The singer has for the longest time been making appeals to the business lady to give him a chance for love.

Unfortunately Anerlisa has never given a damn about Dufla’s online cries over her.She has never replied, turning a blind eye to the whole situation.

Recently Dufla went the extra mile of crying on stage to attract Anerlisa’s attention,an act that caught everyone by surprise.Dufla even had to give himself space to get over his emotions.

However,this time round, he managed to get Anerlisa’s attention but it all ended in tears as Anerlisa didn’t give a positive reply as anyone would expect.

“You can’t force love no matter how hard you try,even children cannot rescue you,”read Anerlisa’s post on Instagram that most probably meant that the singer’s pleas had hit a wall yet again.

This only added to Dufla’s heartbreak as he had earlier on written a song dedicated to Anerlisa. In the song, he trashes those saying that he has been clout chasing adding that he is genuinely in love with Anerlisa.

Anerlisa is already in a relationship with someone else so still, Dufla stands no chance.


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