Tunisian Police Scuffle With Protestors On The Second Night Of Demonstrations

On Saturday, protesters and police engaged in physical altercation in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, for the second night in a row following the death of a man from injuries acquired during a police chase in August.

While demonstrators were yelling anti-police chants and throwing stones at the police, riot police used tear gas to disperse the crowds in the impoverished Ettadamen and Intilka neighbourhoods.

In the midst of a political and economic crisis, as well as a shortage of food and gasoline, new protests have broken out.

Malek Selimi, 24, died after sustaining a neck injury from a fall at the end of August during a police pursuit, his family said in a statement to the local media on Saturday.

On Friday following the young man’s funeral, the protests got underway. Regarding Selimi’s passing, the Interior Ministry remained silent.

Since the Tunisian President Kais Saied seized power and disbanded parliament in 2021, the country of North Africa has been experiencing a major political crisis.

As popular ire over fuel and food shortages deepens, two rival Tunisian opposition organizations earlier on Saturday organized one of the country’s largest days of protest against the president, criticizing his efforts to consolidate political power.


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