Diana Marua’s Pregnancy Is Due

  • Soon Diana Marua will be welcoming Her third born.
  • She has been experiencing struggles during the pregnancy journey.

The Kenyan rapper and Youtuber Diana Marua has given an update regarding her pregnancy after weeks of silence.

Speaking through her Youtube channel, the rapper said that she was doing okay except for hyperpigmentation which she is kinda positive that it would not last long since she is almost due.

“This pregnancy has favoured me for real, of course, my nose is noseying (becoming big) and I’ve gotten abit of hyperpigmentation, I’m happy it woun’t get worse because am officially on the countdown” She said.

This update was made after his husband, Bahati, decided to break silence after the loss of the Mathare Parliamentary seat.

Before going silent on all social media platforms , a section of his fans surprised her with a baby shower and It is during the baby shower event that Diana disclosed that she has been undergoing challenges in relation to the pregnancy since she was nearing delivery. She said that most of the time she spends indoor to avoid straining.

“I normally have issues when I get closer to delivery it gets to a point, I can’t walk even when I am in bed my husband has to turn me. But so far am okay, I don’t walk much because I have a condition called pubic symphysis where pressure mounts on my pelvic bones and I can’t walk so I even create content while seated” She said.

Soon they will be welcoming their third child.


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