“Are You A Slayqueen To Seek Help From A Politician?”-Sonko’s Savage Response To Dj Kalonje

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has fired back at the famous Dj Kalonje who blamed him and former Starehe Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Kanyi alias Jaguar for disregard when he needed help from them.

Just after Kalonje shared a long post on his Instagram story discussing how the two legislators vowed to help him just to fall flat, Mike sonko wrote back through his Instagram too.

“Take your useless blackmail to hell. I’ve checked my inbox and you didn’t reach out to me…”Sonko wrote.

On his Instagram stories, the controversial politician told off the Disk jockey saying that he is definitely not a red cross.

“Usaidiwe na politician kwani wewe ni Slayqueen…na kama lazima usaidiwe Mimi Sio Red Cross(Are you a Slayqueen to want help from a politician?..And if you must be helped am not red cross.” Sonko answered.


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