“My Booty Is 1000% Real From Western Kenya”-Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has asserted that those waiting for misfortunes to happen to her booty will wait forever because her booty is natural and real.

“For y’all praying for it to actually happen to my booty:You will wait eternally cuz my but is 1000% real from wester Kenya!You can take that to the bank.”She wrote.

She went on saying that she takes no responsibility for any actions taken due to the influence of her previous sentiments on side effects of implants as she claimed that she only created awareness but never told people to take action.

“I created awareness on effects of some butt procedures.Bit never asked anyone to cancel Their appointments.Your body Your rule.You decide what you want to do with it.Am not responsible for whatever happens.”She wrote on her insta stories.

Vera blasted those who mocked and made fun of her and were happy that she no longer had her nice body adding that the whole situation revealed the fake and real people to her.


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