“Idiots”- Dj Kalonje Tell Off Mike Sonko And Jaguar

George Waweru popularly known as Dj Kalonje has taken to his instagram stories to call out Mike Sonko and Jaguar for their anti -altruistic characteristics while in better political positions.

Kalonje said that the two politicians did not use their political times for the betterment of the public but rather for their own interests as they did not help him in times of need.

“Politicians that had the chance to help the community but they did not!!!Mike Sonko and Jaguar Kenya. Stupid you…You still ate the Government money.”He wrote.

The Dj went on to say that his efforts to reach out to the two politicians when his studio was taken over by Somali cartels did not bare any fruits adding that his dad died of depression when his office was brought down in a day.

Kalonje went on to state how he revived his business as he hoped that Governor Sakaja and other politicians will come through for him.

He blasted the two calling them locals in a statement that insinuated that Sonko’s and Jaguar’s time in politics was temporary and now they have become common citizens.


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