Fourth Zimbabwean Dies In South African Anti-Immigrant Violence

Four people have now died as a result of violent attacks on immigrants in the Limpopo village of Chavani last month outside of Elim.

Melody Chaurura, the consul general for Zimbabwe, announced on Monday that Tops Mutanho, a citizen of that country, had passed away on September 26 as a result of his wounds.

According to Chaurura, Mutanho, a male Zimbabwean from the village of Chivi, died from wounds he received as a result of mob justice after he was allegedly found in possession of stolen copper cables.

Johan Munago and Amon Munago, both from Chivi in Masvingo, have been named as two of the other victims who were initially thought to have been burned beyond recognition by police. The identity of the third victim is still unknown. Following the attacks on September 18, more than 200 people took refuge in the wilderness.

According to Chaurura, the victims have not yet been returned home because forensic investigations are still ongoing.

At the Waterval Police Station, dockets for the cases were opened, but no one has been taken into custody.

A relative of the Munago brothers named Thomas Shonhai told Groundup that he had been informed by the neighborhood that the Munago brothers had been discovered in possession of stolen solar panels and cables.”

The two were beaten by the outraged community until they showed them where to find the person who had sold them the solar panels. The alleged burglar refuted taking the solar panels. The Munagos are in trouble after the accused managed to escape during the confusion “Shonhai said.

Shonhai claims he cannot afford to send his family back home because he only works part-time.

Although there is no funding for the return of the deceased, the Zimbabwean consulate claims it has offered repatriation to families who have been affected by the violence.

In order to guarantee the protection of Zimbabwean nationals and temporary shelter for the displaced families, Chaurura stated that the consulate would continue to collaborate with regional authorities. 113 Zimbabweans had been identified by the consulate as being impacted by the violence, but some had not been included in the total because they were still evading capture.

In order to continue feeding the displaced families, the Red Cross is waiting for donations, according to Herman Moyana. He claimed that in the interim, psychosocial services had been made available.


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