‘You’re A Great Man With An Exceptional Story’ Rachel Ruto Shower Praises to Her Hubby President William Ruto

First Lady Rachel Ruto penned an heartfelt letter to her husband, the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya reminiscing of their journey to grace.

In the letter, Rachel recalls the old humble days living in Dagoretti, in 1991, when Kenya was transitioning to a multi-party system was when she tied knot to Bill as she calls him, in a marriage of little wealth but cemented in abundance of love, faith and hope.

In 1997, and at the age of 31, the political story and a dream to greatness of William Samoei Ruto began as a Member of Parliament for Eldoret North, under the reign of President Daniel moi, then gradually rose in political ranks as she equates to the biblical parable of the mustard seed.

The First Lady said even with the high status of the President, she still wants to remain humble, the caring mother to all and a supportive wife to her husband. Vowing to welcome all and to listen to the pleas of the people of Kenya.

“With his new responsibility as the President, I don’t intend to learn selfishness now. I still want to be the Chebet he married three decades ago. His supportive wife Chichi, caring mother of his children and the accommodative First lady of the People of Kenya.” Rachel wrote.

“I will ensure our doors are open, even wider and the tables set, even broader. That house on the hill will not be unreachable tower but a place of motherly comfort for Kenyans from all walks of life.” She added.

Rachel concluded the letter by wishing him the best as he serves his country people. She reminded Ruto of her love to him as well as from Kenyans.

“You’re a great man with an exceptional story, go and make this country great and exceptional. I love you Kenya loves you,” Rachel said.


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