Eddy Kenzo Advises The Youth To Stay Away From Marriage

He believes marriage can wait but money-making is an immediate need.

Ugandan music guru,Edrisah Masuuza popularly known as Eddy Kenzo has advised young people to try as much as possible to stay away from early marriages especially when they are not ready emotionally, psychologically and above all financially.

Speaking in an interview with a local television, the singer argued that young people should focus on narturing their financial empowerment rather that getting into marriages. Kenzo says that he made the mistake and it taught him a lesson .

“I advise the young people to take their time before committing to marriage. I have been there and I speak out of the experience,” he said.

Eddy Kenzo was previously in a relationship with singer Rema Namakula but the two split in 2019. The BET winner has not yet committed to any woman again.

His music journey is a true definition of grass to grace.At the tender age of 4, Eddy lost his mother after which he was forced into living as a street kid for more than 13 years. As a homeless child he had to survive on the streets on his own because he did not know anyone from both sides of his family and music was his safe haven.

Eddy Kenzo has since gotten three breakthroughs in the music industry, his starter hit being a song titled ‘Yanimba’ released in 2008 in Uganda. Secondly ‘Stamina’ which was a mega hit across the East African community .Thirdly, ‘Sitya Loss’ released in2014 ,became a viral sensation and introduced Eddy to an International audience that was averaging 100,000 views per day.


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