Willy Paul Spread His Wings Into Other Ventures Besides His Known Music Career

Singer Wilson Abubakar Radido popularly known as Willy Paul has dived into a new business venture ,a matatu business after he launched his first matatu in an event held on Wednesday where he invited several content creators.

Willy Paul now joins a significant number of local artists who engage in other business ventures in bid to boost their revenue avenues.

The singer said he plans to get more vehicles and find a good Sacco where the vehicles will operate from and be managed. While addressing the bloggers in attendance, Willy Paul added that he already had three vehicles of the same kind and that he will be adding more.

“I have ventured into several businesses, my latest one is somewhat off from my line of practice which is the music industry. So I am now getting into the matatu business, and before I completely immerse myself into the same, we have brought like three so far,” Willy Paul said.

The celebrated singer revealed that the first vehicle he had launched will not be used as a matatu but rather for private purposes for instance ferrying people to events .

“And before we get them into routes there is the first one that we would like to launch which will be private. This one will not work like a matatu, it will work like a private vehicle, when you have a party, function, or a private event, we will be the kind of person to reach out to and I have people that are handling that,” asserted Willy Paul.

The music star continued to flaunt his launched vehicle saying that it has a sound system that cannot be compared to any other that has ever existed as he confirmed that the front seats are only for VIPs and that there is a screen both in the front and four others at the back.The singer had previously indulged in other businesses for instance launching branded water,shoes and a clothing line some of which allegedly did not succeed.


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