Moses Wetangula Assures On Restoration Of Perks For Members Of Parliament

Speaking on Monday during the induction of the Members of Parliament, National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula said they will receive their perks and priviledges as usual.

Wetangula mentioned that he is in talks with Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) for the MPs to get their car allowances, morgage, mileage reimbursements among other benefits which helps to facilitate and deliver services effectively.

The SRC which is headed by Lynn Mengich last month on August 9 sliced key lucrative allowances including mileage and grants for Members of the 13th Parliament. However, the Speaker has assured to settle the matter before Friday as Mengich is expected to address the lawmakers on Wednesday on their remuneration and benefits.

“I was having a meeting with SRC on your behalf, and we have called them to order on a few things and we believe before we finish this induction, I will be able to make several pronouncements on your privileges and your other desired facilities for you to do your work,” he said.

“Obviously we live incrementally we don’t live in reduction, so our engagement with SRC is to remind them that as they go about their constitutional mandate they should be alive to the fact that issues that perks that members have been enjoying in the last several Parliament should not be unnecessarily interfered with.” he added.


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