Journalist Sophia Wanuna Trends Online After An Interview With Deputy President Gachagua

A trending video of a Kenyan journalist Sophia Wanuna holding a live interview yesterday on Sunday night with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has elicited mixed reaction online.

Some people felt Wanuna was acting unprofessional to the DP by asking him tough questions and sometimes interrupting while Gachagua is in the midst of articulating his point. However, others congratulated the journalist for being bold and speaking on sectors where no one else would dare.


Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, MBS: Eish…Sophia Wanuna, you are not interviewing a political candidate. Rigathi Gachagua is the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya. Give his time to explain his points. You can conduct a proffesional interview without bellicose jingoism!

FredRico4 :There has been a misunderstanding between local journalists that for an interview to be impactful it must be combative. Far from true, two way communication encourages the best of both the guest and the host.

During the interview, Gachagua explained some of the key moves the new administration has taken including, ban on food subsidy, autonomy on police service, implementation on hustler fund as well as plan to raise bonds to pay bills.


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