Fire In Paradise? King Kaka Clarifies His Current Marital Status After Speculated Enstranged Marriage

Renowned Kenyan musician and Nana Owiti’s hubby, King Kaka, has cleared the air on ongoing speculations about his enstranged marriage. Rumor has it that the couple split up, and Owiti moved overseas after that.

The duo’s current marital status was questioned by netizens after observing that the musician did not celebrate the mother of his kids on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, Owiti, a football fanatic, was observed in London taking pleasure in the match.

To clear his family reputation, King Kaka was compelled to address the issue as it was affecting his marriage as well as kids. In cyber citizens’ view, the couple’s split is only a stunt which is meant to market the musician’s upcoming series.

King Kaka, Nana Owiti and their children. Credits: King Kaka’s Instagram.

King Kaka disputed the assertions made by the internet community, stating that he would never use an estranged marriage story to gain influence. He said that things were going well between him and Owiti. In contrast to what some internet users have been speculating, the rapper clarified that his spouse and kids are currently in Kenya.

In addition, Kaka Empire CEO said that his kids are attending school as usual. Given the negative effects the fake news is having on him and his family, he has issued a strong warning to those who are spreading it.

Monkey Business, a television series that the rapper produced, will make its debut this Friday, May 17. Therefore, netizens believe that the couple is seeking public attention so that the series will gain more viewership.


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