Kuria Kimani’s Car Tax Sparks Debate

Molo MP Kuria Kimani proposed a motor vehicle circulation tax to encourage investment in public transport, suggesting that those who don’t want to pay the tax should not use their cars.

According to Kuria, the motor vehicle circulation tax is a hybrid between income tax and wealth tax.

” We’re saying fine, ‘I don’t want to pay the motor vehicle circulation tax, then don’t use the car” added Kuria.

However, critics argue that the tax is unfair and question the government’s approach, noting that an effective public transport system should be established before introducing such a tax. The proposal has sparked debate on the effectiveness of the tax in promoting public transport and the burden it places on car owners.

Initially, President William Ruto indicated that his drive was to push Kenyans to pay 22% of their taxes from the current 14% by the end of his term.


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