Former TV Star Kimani Mbugua Ignites Speculations On Mental Instability

Kimani Mbugua, a former reporter for Citizen TV, has sparked conjecture about the possibility that his mental state is failing.

In an extended video posted to his Instagram page, the well-known figure vented about those who owe him a substantial sum of money. Mbugua became enraged and demanded that the individuals repay his money.

In addition, he threatened to use force and violence to collect any unpaid debts from anyone who did not pay him. Mbugua said that having a gun will be very helpful when it comes to retrieving his money.

“If you owe me money, better send it now because I have guns to protect my money. Mimi nitakusafirisha mbinguni wacha vitisho baridi,” Mbugua captioned the video.

Credits:Kimani Mbugua’s Instagram.

In yet another video, the journalist complained of financial constraints which have made it hard for him to seal a deal with X tycoon, Elon Musk. He implored anyone who could lend him Sh. 50,000 for the aforementioned transaction. Mbugua would pay back by appointing the individual to be Kenya’s next deputy president.

Credits: Kimani Mbugua’s Instagram.

Following the video’s social media virality, some online users questioned his mental health. Mbugua, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020, is reportedly experiencing a mental collapse and needs to seek medical attention urgently.


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