Nollywood Industry Loses Another Actor, Amaechi Muonagor

With the confirmed death of veteran actor Amaechi Muonagor, the Nollywood industry has suffered yet another setback. Hardly two months have passed since Mr. Ibu, another actor, suffered a similar fate.

Speaking to BBC News Pidgin, the actor’s cousin, Tony Muonagor, confirmed that Muonagor is no more. Following his diagnosis of kidney failure, the actor recently begged for financial assistance to pay for his medical expenses.

In addition to receiving kidney dialysis, Muonagor was scheduled for a kidney transplant. Because the medication required a significant amount of money, he was forced to ask for help from the general public.

The actor, who died at age 62, had a history of diabetes and a stroke. According to reports, he had a stroke in 2023 that partially paralyzed his leg.

Having made a significant contribution to Nollywood, Muonagor was cast as the antagonist in the well-known film “Guardian Angel.” The film is among the Nollywood industry’s most ancient productions.


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