Kingdom Bank unveils Faidi Dada Banking Solution Empowering Women To Manage their Finances

Kingdom Bank has launched Faidi Dada an innovative banking solution designed specifically to cater to the financial needs of women.

Faidi Dada is a comprehensive banking solution that embodies empowerment, prosperity and the nurturing spirit of women in our communities and recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities encountering women in managing their finances.

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The women’s banking solution offered by Kingdom Bank encompasses a suite of services, including specialized financial products, personalized advisory services, and exclusive networking opportunities. From savings and investment accounts tailored to women’s goals to expert guidance on wealth management and financial planning, dedicated to helping women achieve their financial objectives at every stage of life.

“At Kingdom Bank, we firmly believe in the transformative power of financial empowerment,” said Kevin Mutisya, Kingdom Bank Head of Micro Enterprise and Agribusiness. “With Faidi Dada, we are proud to provide women with the tools, resources, and support they need to take control of their financial future and realize their dreams.”

In addition to financial services, Kingdom Bank’s Faidi Dada solution also includes initiatives aimed at promoting financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership development among women. The Bank will also explore strategic partnerships with women-focused organizations and community outreach programs to create a more inclusive and equitable financial landscape for women everywhere.

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The launch of Faidi Dada underscores Kingdom Bank’s unwavering dedication to driving positive change and fostering economic empowerment.

By empowering women with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to thrive financially, Kingdom Bank is not only investing in the success of individual women but also contributing to the overall prosperity and resilience of communities.

“We have allocated resources for providing financial support to customers within our network who tap into the Faidi Dada solution. As a Bank, we will offer a range of loan options, including short, medium and long-term financing, to assist them in achieving their business objectives and financial goals. Customers seeking unsecured loans can access up to Kes 3 million, while those with collateral can potentially secure loans of up to an impressive Kes 40 million, contingent upon their ability to repay,” Mutisya elaborated.

The introduction of the Bank’s women-focused banking initiative aligns with the worldwide observance of International Women’s Day, which centers on the theme of fostering inclusivity by building a diverse, fair, and equitable world.


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