Fresh Details On The Major Cause Of Separation Between Mungai Eve And Director Trevor Emerges

Social media is still buzzing with the drama surrounding Director Trevor and Mungai Eve’s split. Trevor has provided new information about their strained relationship, indicating that their disagreement over the division of their joint business was the catalyst for additional enmity.

Speaking during an interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, the director claimed that Eve had broken their 50/50 business split agreement. Trevor claims that the well-known YouTuber desired to keep a larger percentage of their combined social media account earnings than was agreed upon. She also put forth an offer to the director, saying that she would reimburse him for granting her access to their joint accounts.

Notwithstanding his ceaseless endeavors to establish the Mungai Eve brand, Trevor turned down the offer. Additionally, the filmmaker believed that the YouTuber would never be able to pay him because of the brand’s high revenue generation.

“Ilifika point sasa Eve wanted to buy me out of the brand…I wouldn’t even entertain her offer because I know she cannot afford it. How much would you be willing to pay me for a brand that pays me approximately 2 million a month?” Trevor enquired.

This caused more enmity because Eve wanted to be in charge of everything. He got the impression that the content creator thought she owned the business because she was the public face of it.

The director also claimed that their parents knew about their problematic relationship. He mentioned that they had gone to see Eve’s parents, telling them of their separation and their intention to remain together because of their company and brand.


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