“The Beginning Of A New Era,” Mungai Eve Makes A Media Comeback

YouTuber and social media influencer Mungai Eve has officially launched a new YouTube channel weeks after parting ways with her ex-boyfriend Director Trevor. The former couple shared ownership of various social media accounts, including a YouTube channel, which Trevor chose to seize complete control of.

Eve announced her new YouTube channel, Mungai Eve Media, and shared the news with her fans on her Instagram page. As she sets out on a new journey, she begged internet users to help him expand the new platform.

“The beginning of a new era! Link on bio to my channel,” Eve wrote.

Credits: Mungai Eve’s Instagram.

The director recently revealed a significant makeover for their shared social media accounts. He renamed Mungai Eve Show into Kenya Online Media remarking that Eve’s services were no longer needed. Trevor went ahead and hired additional employees, who have been assisting him in managing the new platform.

In addition, the director unexpectedly disclosed that despite their outward displays of affection, they had broken up with the media queen a year prior. Both parties agreed to keep the split quiet in order to safeguard their reputations. But after much conjecture about their estranged relationship, Trevor made their split public a few weeks ago.

“We worked together last year while not being in a romantic relationship until February this year when we officially decided to part ways,” Trevor said.

The main cause of their breakup has not yet been addressed by the ex-couples. Eve has been silent throughout the Fallout saga, so the least she could do to keep providing her fans with content is launch a new YouTube channel.


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