Awinja Nyamwalo Mourns The Demise Of A Loved One

Netizens from all over the world have come together to offer actress Jacky Vike, also known as Awinja, their condolences following the loss of her grandmother. The comedian is presently experiencing grief over her grandmother Alima Abdalla’s passing due to advanced age.

Despite her lighthearted attitude, the content creator shared the heartbreaking news on her social media platforms. Awinja claimed that her grandmother had only retired since she had lived life to the fullest.

After passing away at the age of ninety-six, the comedian jokingly implied that they thought her grandmother was older than she actually was because she was never aware of her actual birthdate. The mother of one praised the deceased for her immense power in mastering the Sheng language compared to her peers.

Referring to it as “resting,” Awinja and her family rejoiced in their loved one’s passing because she had achieved her life’s goals. However, she noted that they will always miss her presence.

“The Last Respect…
My Grandma has rested at the age of 96, well we suspect its over a hundred because she did not know when she was born, alikua tu anasema “Nilizaliwa Wakati wa Mihogo
My Mum’s Mother, Shosho yangu alikua Mtu wa mtaa mbaya!
At 96 lakini anakupiga sheng vile inafaa, Ocha kwetu ilikua Dandora Sasa ata sina Reason ya kuenda Dondora often… We buried her yesterday, it was nothing but a Celebration of a life well Lived. Rest Easy Alima Abdalla, you will be missed,” the Instagram post read.

Credits: Awinja’s Instagram

On this particular occasion, the comedian was accompanied by her fellow artists. Her closest associate and fellow Papa Shirandula actress, Wilbroda, was among the attendees.


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