Patient Commits Suicide While Waiting to See Doctor at Nairobi Hospital

A tragic incident unfolded at a prominent hospital in Nairobi on Monday evening, February 26, as a 72-year-old male patient took his own life while waiting for medical attention.

According to reports emerging today, the patient, whose identity remains undisclosed, had been driven to the hospital seeking treatment for an undisclosed ailment. However, upon arrival, he was informed that the necessary medication was unavailable. Frustrated by the situation, the patient reportedly retrieved a pistol and shot himself in the chin while still inside the vehicle.

Insiders within the hospital, speaking to, revealed that the distressing incident occurred in close proximity to the hospital’s emergency section.

Police from the Industrial Area Police Station swiftly responded to the scene and initiated an investigation. Tragically, despite their efforts to save him, the patient succumbed to his injuries shortly after the incident. It was later confirmed that the patient possessed a valid firearm license, and his weapon was seized for forensic analysis. Additionally, his vehicle was cordoned off for further examination.

The sequence of events leading up to the patient’s drastic action is still under investigation. While it remains unclear whether the driver who transported him to the hospital has been questioned, initial reports suggest that the driver had sought assistance from hospital staff upon arrival. However, despite their efforts, the patient’s condition rapidly deteriorated.

Furthermore, it was revealed that prior to the tragic event, the deceased had attempted to contact unidentified individuals after being informed of the unavailability of the required medication. reached out to the hospital for a statement regarding the incident. However, communication personnel indicated that they were not authorized to provide a response and stated that the relevant authority for external communication was currently unavailable.

“The issue is beyond my jurisdiction, and the appropriate personnel will be available within the hour,” responded the customer care desk.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for improved mental health support and access to healthcare services. It underscores the challenges faced by individuals grappling with health-related issues, particularly in cases where essential medication or treatment is unavailable.

As investigations into the matter continue, our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the deceased during this difficult time.

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