Corruption Crackdown: Kwale County Official & Brothers Arrested

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has confirmed the arrest of five officials from Kwale County on allegations of graft amounting to Ksh48.9 million. The arrested individuals include Vincent Mbito, the county head of treasury, and his four brothers.

According to a statement released by the EACC, the Mbito brothers are accused of orchestrating fraudulent deals with the county government through their family-owned companies. Among the arrested are Vincent Chirima Mbito, who serves as the County Head of Treasury, Mongo Mbito Mongo, the County Revenue Officer, Hassan Shilingi Mbito, employed as a driver at the Kwale Water and Sewerage Company Limited, Mwaiwe Mongo Mbito, who holds the position of Kwale County Procurement Officer, and Chindoro Mongo Mbito, associated with the National Government.

The charges brought against the suspects stem from the alleged misuse of public funds through ten contracts that were fraudulently awarded to two companies linked to the Mbito family: Rome Investments and Chilongola Limited. These contracts were purportedly for the supply and delivery of sanitation materials, food and ration, general office supplies, and institutional appliances. The EACC disclosed that the companies received exaggerated payments amounting to Kes. 44,919,341 and Kes. 4,007,943 respectively.

The commission has emphasized that the arrested individuals utilized their familial connections to siphon public funds through inflated contracts, highlighting a systemic issue within the county government’s procurement processes.

The suspects, now in custody, were escorted from the Mombasa Central Police Station to the Mombasa Anti-Corruption Court to face charges related to the alleged graft. The arrests mark a significant step in the fight against corruption in Kenya, demonstrating the EACC’s commitment to holding accountable those involved in malfeasance, regardless of their positions or affiliations.

This latest development underscores the ongoing efforts by Kenyan authorities to root out corruption and restore public trust in government institutions. Corruption has long been identified as a major impediment to Kenya’s development and prosperity, with successive administrations pledging to tackle the issue head-on.

Photo: Intergrity center headquarters, Nairobi

The EACC’s swift action in apprehending the suspects sends a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated and those found culpable will face the full force of the law. As the legal proceedings unfold, there is optimism among the public that justice will be served and that such cases will serve as a deterrent to others engaged in corrupt practices.

The arrest of high-ranking county officials, including the county head of treasury, underscores the need for greater transparency and accountability in government procurement processes. It also highlights the importance of robust oversight mechanisms to prevent the misuse of public funds and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently for the benefit of all citizens.

As the investigation continues, the EACC has called on members of the public to remain vigilant and report any instances of corruption or malpractice they encounter. By working together to combat corruption, Kenyans can contribute to building a more accountable and prosperous nation for future generations.

The EACC has assured the public that it will continue to pursue all avenues to ensure that those responsible for corruption are brought to justice, signaling a renewed commitment to fighting graft and upholding the rule of law in Kenya.


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