“Kuhusu Betty Kyallo Hamuezi Niadvise,” Stivo Simple Boy Vows To Win Betty Kyallo’s Love

Stivo Simple has not yet given up on pursuing media personality, Betty Kyallo. In his recent statement, the “Mihadarati” hitmaker asked netizens to stop advising him when it comes to courting the single mother of one.

The devastated musician promised to fight until the very end for the TV queen’s affection. The artist pledged to stay in love with Kyallo even though she ignored his direct messages. Simple Boy anticipates to win the gorgeous woman’s heart as soon as possible.

“Kuhusu Betty kyalo nae hamuezi ni advise siwezi kufa moyo nita pigana mpaka nimpate mwanamme ni kupambana..lakini zile grey tiks ananipa Betty kyalo (Ningwendete) pata nafasi kwa Roho Yako.. uniweke Ndani mtoto milk maziwa nayote itakuwa yangu Mimi soon”, the Instagram post read.

Credits: Simple Boy’s Instagram.

Five days prior, the rapper who was born in Kibera announced that he wanted to get romantically involved with the former NTV host. This comes after he declared himself to be single and open to social interaction.

Simple Boy declared his unwavering love for the well-known media figure who also happens to be an actress. He went on to wonder how men could possibly continue to harm such a lovely and well-groomed woman. Acknowledging his single status, he proposed to Kyallo, telling her that he would make her the happiest woman alive.

“Lakini.. Wanaume mna hurt break Betty kyalo hua mnafikiriaje.. shida yenu Nini..ona mtoto milk maziwa, mtoto welo welo, mtoto fine thank you.. Betty kyalo Mimi Niko singoli na ukinipa fursa sitakuweka njaa kama pastor makenzi..nitakutunza kama Siri ya dunia na bingu..najua mambo itakuwa LOMBO LOMBO bila Sinza Sinza au sio?!,” Simple Boy wrote.


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