More Drama: Kiptum’s Sister Emerges Despite Parents Claiming He Was One Child

It has been revealed that the late marathoner Kelvin Kiptum had a sister, now left behind, despite his father claiming he had no other children other than Kiptum. Samson Cheruiyot, Kiptum’s father, spoke during his address to the media a day after the vehicle accident in Ravine, Elgeyo Marakwet, claimed two lives; Kiptum’s and his Rwandan coach, Gervais Hazikimana. On that day, he made it sky clear that he had only one child when asked how many children he had.

“Let me tell you. Kiptum was my only child. Just him. Now he has left me behind, his wife and his children. I have no other child.” He said.

He then added:

“My wife had a little problem and the hospital just told us to stay like that. I agreed and we made peace with that. Right now, I don’t know what to say. I am looking a his children and I don’t know what I will do- and my son is gone,” said a heartbroken Ms Cheruiyot.

Upon pleading with the government to come in to give them an extended hand, the government, a few days later, ordered the construction of a home for the late Kiptum’s widow and their two children. The situation was then handled in one week and the construction of the house was completed on the Thursday of 22nd February, 2024 before his burial the next day.

Photo: A View of Kiptum’s House, upon construction completion

However, the shocking truth was revealed that the late Kiptum had left behind a sister named Rhoda Chemutai, as per the obituary published in a national daily newspaper ahead of the burial day.

“Kelvin was the beloved firstborn child of Mr Samson Cheruiyot and Mary Chepkiyeng. The late Kelvin was husband of Asenath Cheruto Rotich. They were blessed with two children namely Caleb Kigen and Precious Cherop. He was brother of Rodah Chemutai,” read the lengthy obituary.

This is just but not the only hidden drama emerging since the tragic demise of the World’s Record marathon record-breaker Kelvin Kiptum. There was an emergence of a 22-year-old lady, by the name Edna Awuor Otieno, who took the airwaves by her claims that she had a son who was fathered by Kelvin Kiptum. She even went to the Eldoret Court seeking an order to bar Kiptum’s burial until his son is recognized as Kiptum’s estate beneficiary besides his widow and their two children, an order which the court rejected to consider.

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