Inside Kelvin Kiptum’s Eulogy Booklet

Kenya and the entire globe at large is still in the mourning mood, for the loss caused by the tragic demise of the World’s Marathon Record breaker Kelvin Kiptum. The late 24-year-old marathoner was laid to rest on the Friday of 23rd February, 2024.

Inside his eulogy booklet, the hero of the world is said to had been brought to the world, and took his firth breath of Oxygen in the year 1999 and died on 2024.

Photo: First page of Kiptum’s Eulogy Booklet

He was born and brought up by his father, Samson Cheruiyot, and Mrs Mary Chepkiyeng. The late Kelvin was the husband of Asenath Cheruto Rotich with whom he was blessed with two children namely Caleb Kigen and Precious Cherop.

Kiptum, despite their parents claiming to the media that he was their only child, was the brother of Rodah Chemutai meaning they were two.

Inside the Eulogy booklet, were lots of pictures of Kiptum, most of which displayed his heroic moments in the marathon world as well as those that he took while having beautiful moments with family. Below are some pictures shared in Kiptum’s Eulogy Booklet:

Rest Easy Champion.


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