Azimio Coalition Endorses Raila Odinga for AU Commission Chairperson

The Azimio coalition has thrown its weight behind Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga’s bid for the Chairperson of the African Union (AU) Commission. The announcement came swiftly after Odinga himself declared his intention to vie for the esteemed position, seeking the support of the African continent.

Expressing their unwavering support, the coalition lauded Odinga for his courage and vision in stepping forward for such a pivotal role. They emphasized their commitment to rallying behind his candidacy with their utmost capacity, citing his long-standing dedication to the betterment of Kenya and his pivotal role in the country’s democratization process.

The coalition highlighted Odinga’s remarkable track record in advocating for socio-economic development, inclusivity, and stability within Kenya, underscoring these qualities as essential prerequisites for the AU Commission Chairperson. They emphasized his deep-rooted commitment to Pan Africanism, believing that his leadership would advance the vision of a unified, prosperous, and peaceful Africa.

Drawing attention to Odinga’s extensive experience and leadership in promoting democratic principles, human rights, and good governance, the coalition touted him as the ideal candidate for the AU Commission’s top post. They praised his ability to foster collaboration and unity among member states, citing his role as a bridge-builder.

Moreover, the coalition pointed to Odinga’s tenure as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development as a testament to his familiarity with the continent’s diverse needs and aspirations. They urged the East African Community (EAC) to throw its support behind Odinga, emphasizing the significance of East Africa’s turn to lead the AU Commission.

Expressing confidence in Odinga’s ability to garner overwhelming support across the continent, the coalition highlighted his international recognition as a statesman committed to Africa’s progress. They called upon all stakeholders to provide bipartisan support, portraying Odinga’s potential victory as a triumph not only for Kenya but for the entire region and continent.

The coalition reiterated its unwavering dedication to addressing the concerns of the people, pledging to remain focused and united in their pursuit of the common good. With the endorsement of one of Kenya’s most prominent political coalitions, Raila Odinga’s bid for the AU Commission Chairpersonship gains significant momentum, setting the stage for a potentially transformative chapter in African leadership.


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