Senator Karen Nyamu Retorts A Fan Who Questioned Her Manners

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has thrown cold water to a fan who questioned her manners, relative to how she handles senior office and her love with her baby daddy Samidoh.

Following her post she made on Facebook, asking to know from her fans what they would demand of her; a fan took to the comment zone, asking Mrs Karen to conduct herself by the expected standards of the office that she holds. Should she do that, according the fan’s sentiment, the mother of one will doubtlessly earn tremendous respect as is expected of her office.

Despite owning pride like a peacock, that she is a calm person who has no problem with others, the government official drew a line saying her calmness has a territory that when infringed, provokes her patience.

The fan’s comments seemingly drew Karen’s attention and she responded by mockingly telling the fan that she could donate the tremendous respect to her so that she could eat it or use it to buy land.

Photo of Karen Nyamu’s Facebook Post

The link below is the senator’s post:

Photo: Comment zone


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