Claudia Naisabwa Lands Huge Role at TV 47 After Emotional Farewell At KTN

Media personality Claudia Naisabwa has eventually landed to another role at TV 47 after having an emotional farewell at KTN when she was bidding her esteemed fans a goodbye.

In her new home at TV 47, where the young TV presenter will be spending moments of an undefined period, Mrs Claudia will be joining a duo of ex-Citizen TV 10/10 presenter Willis Raburu and MC Gogo. Her addition in the Wabebe Experience show is highly anticipated to incite excitement in their fan base who can’t wait to have themselves fully entertained to the brim.

Photo of the Highly anticipated trio, Willy Raburu alongside Mrs Claudia & MC Gogo

Expressing her happiness on her Instagram account, before her kick-off to this new role that will see her enjoy working alongside the aforementioned duo, the young beauty announced her move for the new opportunity on her silver plate, declaring it as an upgrade for her.

“TIME FOR AN UPGRADE to your Friday entertainment with the best female TV host in AFRICA. Catch me on the biggest entertainment show 🤩🤩 @wabebexpofficial every Friday from 10 pm to midnight You don’t want to miss the BEST ENTERTAINER IN ACTION” Claudia wrote.

Claudia, built her brand during the moments of hosting the Str8up live show at KTN, showing and marketing her capability which eventually took keenness of TV 47 that are now counting her potential.

Before her time at Ktn Naisabwa had been poached from SPM Buzz a digital media house owned by comedian Eddie Butita, where she also convincingly displayed that she deserves an upgrade.

Congratulations to the young media personality, Naisabwa.


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