Baba Talisha Shares Tragic Details Regarding His Daughter’s Health Condition

It’s over two years since Baba Talisha and his family were involved in a tragic car accident which left his wife lifeless. The young father of one and his daughter are still experiencing the effects of the accident. The multi-talented TikToker and photographer recently opened up about how he had recently learned that her daughter is monocular.

In a viral heartbreaking video shared through his social media handles, the digital content creator could not hold his tears as he explained the tragic discovery. He was unaware that his daughter had lost an eye sight following the collision. Talisha was taken to the hospital, where it was determined that her brain injury had damaged one of her eyes.

The photographer remembered the sad incident that resulted in all of his misfortunes in a heartbreaking statement. All would be well, so he regretted leaving the house on that fateful day.

“Today, I am so heartbroken. I just found out that my daughter could only see me with one eye. One of her brain nerves for sight was tampered with. I just did not expect that… It’s painful walking with her, knowing my little girl…I will always live with regrets of why.. why did we even leave home in the first place,” Baba Talisha wrote.

The content creator became a single father in 2020 after he and his late wife, along with their daughter, were involved in a car accident. Following the mishap, the young man and his daughter were admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital for several days, where they received critical care for their wounds. Talisha experienced memory loss as a result of severe brain damage.

Baba Talisha had to make sure his daughter received the care and counseling she sorely needed. Over time, she has made significant progress.


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