Pritty Vishy Throws Shades At Stivo Simple Boy For Breaking A Promise

Pritty Vishy, a content creator and the ex-girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy, has bitterly recalled the artist’s promise prior to their love story taking a turn.

Simple Boy allegedly promised to drive the content creator’s mother around in his car, according to a post that Vishy shared on her Instagram stories. She claimed that the artist had vowed that her mother was to be the first to enjoy driving his first automobile.

Conversely, during the time that Vishy’s mother was employed in Saudi Arabia, things took a bad turn. The once-in-love couple broke up and even turned into the worst rivalries in history.

Credits: Pritty Vishy’s Instagram.

In October 2023, Vishy’s mother returned from the Arab nation, where she was warmly welcomed by her relatives. She had spent four and a half years as a house manager in Saudi Arabia.

A few years ago, there was a dramatic breakup between Vishy and Simple Boy. Anytime one of them feels like attacking the other, the two have always engaged in an online battle. Despite their animosity, the two have ventured into the world of love and discovered new partners.

Every time the content creator mentions the artist’s name, she regularly finds herself in the teeth of irate online users. She has also earned the moniker “the bitter ex” for her purported criticism of Simple Boy’s way of life. Every time her ex experiences a tragedy, Vishy seems to be celebrating because she consistently comments negatively about the situation.


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