Mulamwah Hires An Expensive Chauffeur To Pick Wife And Heir From Hospital

Comedian Mulamwah, in a show of parental pride, hired a pricey chauffeur to pick up his son and the mother of his newborn from the hospital. The public figure and his best friend, Ruth K, welcomed their first child together not too long ago. The duo named their heir Oyando Jnr aka Kalamwah.

Mulamwah provided a sneak peek of the royal act on Facebook, in which he drove a black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and made a dramatic entrance at the hospital. The young champion’s name was emblazoned on the machine’s personalized number plate.

“A G for a G ♥️ here to pic up kalamwah oyando JNR and mama kalamwah Ruth K from hospital,” he captioned the post.

Credits: Mulamwah’s Facebook.

The famous couple declared their son’s safe delivery two days ago. After anticipating the day for several months, they exuded unending happiness. Mulamwah is a father of two now that he and actress and content creator Carol Sonnie welcomed Keilah Oyando into the world in 2021.

But the greatest adversaries of all time are the ex-couple. The child’s paternity and the neglect of the father’s responsibilities have been the source of their argument. Mulamwah recently disclosed through his advocates that despite Sonnie’s persistent attempts to discredit him, he has always supported his child. He threatened to sue the single mother for alleged child abuse and defamation.


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