Esther Musila Sends Gratitude To Ladies Who Dumped Guardian Angel

Esther Musila is a real definition of a “go getter” woman. The outspoken lady has expressed gratitude to every woman who dumped her husband, Guardian Angel, before they met.

In an interview at Clouds FM, the power couple expressed optimism in their union despite rampant criticism from the online community. Musila acknowledged that the ladies who rejected her man when he was broke did the best thing as she got herself a loving and caring husband.

According to her, life started when she met the gospel artist as he gradually made life meaningful on her part. She finally got everything she ever dreamt and wished for including a wonderful husband. Musila celebrated their chemistry as she noted that their union is more of friendship than a couple.

“I wanted a 360 turn of my life when I turned 50. I am grateful for those girls who refused to date him since he was broke. You gave me a wonderful husband. Thank you for leaving him. My life started at 50. Everything I wished for, I have it after 50 years. Guardian is yours, but Peter is my husband. He has given me the love I have always wished for. I have never been happier than when I met Guardian. Our chemistry is so tight, and we are more friends than a couple,” Musila claimed.

The gospel artist backed his wife by indicating that age is just a number and people’s opinions will never change their affection towards each other. In addition, Guardian declared that he has never regretted marrying Musila as he found happiness in their union.

The couple has an age gap of 20 years and this has never held them back. They have always addressed the issue with love and resilience. Additionally, the duo have continued to embrace and celebrate their marriage despite the online trolls.


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