TSC Responds Swiftly to St. Gabriel Isongo High School Turmoil with Deployment of New Teachers

In a swift response to the recent upheaval at St. Gabriel Isongo High School, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has taken decisive action by dispatching 17 new teachers to the institution. This move follows the removal of the previous teaching staff last week, a consequence of a disturbance caused by irate parents who reportedly confronted and ousted the school’s principal.

According to Joseph Mukele, the Director of TSC in the Western Region, the deployment of ten male and seven female teachers was deemed necessary in the aftermath of the expulsion of their predecessors. The upheaval stemmed from an ugly incident where the school’s principal, David Wafula, and the head of the Department of Studies were forcibly removed by angry parents.

Paul Lang’at, the Deputy Commissioner for Mumias East, who also chairs the committee tasked with evaluating the school’s performance, outlined several strategies to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution in the aftermath of the crisis. Emphasizing the commitment to the safety of the newly deployed teachers, Lang’at revealed that four individuals involved in the assault on the head teacher had already been apprehended.

The school’s board chairman, Joseph Wabuyabo, expressed solidarity with the incoming teaching staff. Wabuyabo affirmed the board’s determination to collaborate with the new teachers to guarantee a conducive learning environment. He condemned the recent incident in the strongest terms, vowing to uphold high educational standards.

In an exclusive interview, Director Joseph Mukele shed light on the TSC’s rationale behind the prompt deployment of new teachers. “Ensuring the continuity of education and the well-being of both students and teachers is our top priority. The swift response to the situation at St. Gabriel Isongo High School reflects our commitment to maintaining stability in the education sector,” Mukele stated.

The 17 newly deployed teachers, comprising ten males and seven females, bring a fresh perspective to St. Gabriel Isongo High School. Their appointment is expected to fill the void left by their predecessors and contribute to the restoration of a positive academic atmosphere.

Deputy Commissioner Lang’at, while addressing concerns about the safety of the new teaching staff, asserted, “We are taking all necessary measures to ensure the security of the teachers and students. The law is being enforced, and those responsible for the assault on the head teacher are facing legal consequences.”

The committee chaired by Lang’at is set to closely monitor the ongoing situation at the school, implementing measures to prevent any recurrence of violence and disturbances. The deployment of additional security personnel is also under consideration to enhance the safety of the school premises.

As St. Gabriel Isongo High School enters this new chapter with a fresh teaching team, the collaborative efforts of the TSC, local authorities, and the school’s board signal a commitment to overcoming challenges and maintaining the integrity of the education system. The incoming teachers, supported by the board and community, are poised to contribute positively to the academic growth and development of the students at St. Gabriel Isongo High School.


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