Mulamwah Parades The Amount Spent On Baby Shower Horse Carriage

Indeed love is a beautiful thing and can make a man to walk for miles in order to set his eyes on his lover. Kendrick Oyando alias Mulamwah is the recent man to express his undying love to the mother of his second child, Ruth K. The content creator has finally revealed the amount of cash he spent on a horse chariot during his baby mama’s baby shower.

In a Facebook post, the funny man stated that he spent a whooping amount of Sh.200,000 for the ride. In his statement, he noted that he hired the horses at Sh.50,000 for every hour where the maximum period of the chariot service was four hours.

Credits: Mulamwah’s Facebook.

In a beautiful event attended by family and friends, the “besties” held their baby shower on January 20 as their delivery date approaches. The lovebirds made a grand entrance at the event using a white horse chariot.

The lavish baby shower marked a major milestone in their love story as Ruth remarked that it was her first horse ride. It was a memorable experience for the duo as they await to welcome their baby boy.

The pair graced the exquisite event as they donned Africa attire outfits. The party took place in a luxurious hotel where every attendee enjoyed their time. Every type of delicacy was displayed at the tables and everyone could tell that the guests had a lifetime experience.


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