Eric Omondi Hints Winning Son’s Paternity Without Wife Acknowledging

Kenyan comedian-turned-activist Eric Omondi has openly admitted that he has two biological children, a statement that contradicts what his wife Lynne Njihia made.

Speaking during an exclusive radio interview at Radio Jambo, the comedian acknowledged that his said son with Jacque Marine has his DNA revealing that they had even tabled a discussion with ex-girlfriend Jacque Maribe on potentially living with their son.

He stated:

Ni mtoto wangu, tulishaongea na Jacque na nitamchukua niishi na yeye.

Mr. Eric, during the interview, openly declared his commitment to practicing fatherly roles to their son agreeing to be there for their son no matter the circumstance that may sprout.

This declaration by the funnyman contradicts Lynne Njihia’s initial statements during a Q&A session via her Instagram stories, in which she confidently declared herself as his only baby mama.

No, I don’t. He doesn’t even know, he doesn’t. I’m the only one. Mimi ndio niko.” Read part of her response to a fan who inquired from her, whether she believes Eric has no other lady apart from her.

It was during this moment, that she also declared that they have no further expectation to parenting another bundle of joy, adding that Eric is a father of one.

For now, mother of one, daddy of one period.” She added.

The disagreement between Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi regarding paternity has existed ever since 2021, with both parties airing their grievances online as often as they can. In that regard, it’s still a tussling puzzle to solve, whether Mrs Jacque Maribe and Mr Eric will at some point come to agree on this issue.


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