Karen Nyamu Addresses Re-union Speculations on Samidoh and Ex-wife Edday

Since renowned Mugithi artist Samwel Muchoki alias Samidoh paid a visit to the USA, unstoppable speculations of a reunion between the singer and ex-wife Edday Nderitu have lately dominated the gossip world. But could there be a fire in the smoke?

It is not disclosed the exact arrival date of the skilled Kikuyu musician in Boston US, where Edday stays with their kids, but the singer is undoubtedly present in the US for an extended period, as confirmed by his eldest daughter, Shirleen Muchoki.

His sudden visit to spend some quality time with Edday and the children after a long period of separation has now sparked a debate from their fan base.

A keen fan, reacting to Senator Karen Nyamu’s earlier disclosure in a post regarding Samidoh’s visit to the US over the weekend, asked the senator what her next take in life would be if she learns that the US visit eventually gives birth to a reconciliation between Edday and Samidoh.

Mrs Nyamu responded by confirming that indeed Samidoh went to the United States to spend time with his children, revealing further that she would even be glad if the duo opted to mend their rifts with hopes of resuming the paused love episode.

He (Samidoh) is there as we speak to see the children. Even if Edday comes back to the mix, we’ve shared many peaceful years, and she will never be an issue,” Karen Nyamu stated.

Photo: Karen Nyamu’s Post

She also revealed that Samidoh wished she could accompany him to the United States, but she denied the idea holding a feeling that it would complicate matters.

In your view, would you like to see Samidoh reigniting a remix with Edday Nderitu?


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