2mbili Flaunts New “Beast” Gift During His 31st Birthday

Kenyan comedian and digital content creator 2mbili is celebrating a new milestone as well as turning after gifting himself a new BMW X4 in celebration of his 31st birthday.

Few days ago, 2mbili made a financial appeal to his fans in order to purchase a BMW X4 worth Sh.7Million as a surprise gift for his 31st birthday. In the post, he revealed that his birthday was on January 10 and he had planned to gift himself a luxurious ride but the dream could not come true without the fans support.

“10th January is my 31st birthday, BMW X4 is the only gift I want. I can’t afford it by next week but with your support we can. It’s only Ksh 7 Million,” 2mbili wrote.

On Wednesday, the comedian shared the news of the machine purchase with his fans through his social media accounts. He acknowledged the netizen’s efforts on his new beast as they contributed to its purchase. The comedian disclosed that he had purchased the car at a whooping amount of Sh.4.5Million.

The content creator who had hoped to raise a staggering amount of Sh.7Million for the machine, was grateful for his fans making his dream come true. The Cyber citizens supported the comedian with Sh.743000 which helped him in making the full payment of the machine.

“Appreciation Post!! When I said I Want An X4 For A Birthday Gift It Was A Dream Which I Didnt Expect Will Turn To Be Real! I asked my Fans To Help Me Raise the Sh.7M …They came With Suggestions… I Later Got A Sh.4.5M X4 … Kenyans Raised A Total Of Sh. 743K … I Topped it Up @dealgarike … “, the Instagram post partly read.

The comedian further promised to give free rides to his fans for the next four years as a sign of appreciation. In addition, any fan who wishes to borrow the machine will be granted its access as long as they meet the comedian’s terms and conditions.

“I Will Give A Lift Kwa Mafans As Appreciation Everyday For The Next 4 Years!! HII GARI SI YANGU, NI YETU!! You Can Borrow It If You Meet All Terms & Conditions!!,” the comedian added.

Credits:2mbili’s Instagram.

It is rarely one year since the comedian bought himself another machine. 2mbili purchased a BMW 3 series 320d edition with personalized license plates in July 2023 as way of self-appreciation for his commitment and hardwork.


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