Butita Pities Daddy Owen For Royal Dating: “Buda Unataka Kuona Moto”

The rumor, that Gospel singer Daddy Owen has taken President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene from the market, has been going virally like smoke on a windy day. This has recently heated a debate with millions of Kenyans imagining all sorts of scenarios.

Lately, funnyman Eddie Butita joined millions of Kenyans who couldn’t stop hallucinating as far as the rumor is concerned.

Taking it to his Instagram account, the comedian terming his sentiments as kind pieces of advice, told Daddy Owen not to think him igniting an intimate relationship with Charlene is synonymously a mere dating.

According to him, dating the royal daughter is itself employment sending awareness to Daddy Owen that he needs to brace himself for some extraordinary things in their relationship.

He wrote:

“Daddy Owen you are my friend, let me tell you in case you are dating Charlene, his si date, that is work. Do you know she doesn’t need a password to access your phone to see your texts? Those people have DCI. All you will be getting is a phone call from Kiambu Road, hello hapa ni DCI, Caro ni nani? We jua saa hii ni pamenzi ni kazi”

Photo: Comedian Eddie Butita (courtesy)

Sounding very perplexed, Mr. Butita warned Daddy Owen not to mess up because that might land him out from the fire to the frying pan

“There is no getting mad at each other at home. You fura kidogo then you see a Subaru following you. There is no solving marriage issues na wazazi, they are busy. The father is the President, if you have an issue it’s DoD. chini ya ulinzi ya mbkubwa. you go there and tell the head of the military kwanini unakasirisha mtot wa Commander” Eddie laughed.

He added.

“Buda unataka kuona moto.”

Is Butita sending a threat to Daddy Owen? Is he speaking the truth?


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