Willy Paul Exposes A Celebrity For Infecting Young Girls With HIV/AIDS

Renowned artist and Saldido International CEO Willy Paul aka Pozze has ranted on a mysterious celebrity infecting young ladies with HIV/AIDS.

Via his Instagram stories, Pozze spilled the beans on the celebrity claiming that he has been targeting innocent girls aged between 19-25 years. In his statement, the artist indicated that the celebrity’s last victim is a sister.

“You are a celebrity with HIV AIDS.You’ve been targeting girls aged 19….25. You’ve infected innocent girls. Some are still not aware. The last one you infected is a sister!!” Pozze wrote in part.

The bitter musician urged the celebrity in question to put a halt to his mischievous actions. He added that the celebrity deserves to be behind bars as he has gone too far with his misdeeds.

Bwana Mkunaji further noted that some of the infected girls are yet to discover their status as he pleaded with girls to be careful and have regular checkups. He also warned ladies who has a tendency of partying to be careful with their actions. In conclusion, he pleaded with the uninfected ones to refrain from lustful behaviours.

“You should be in prison, boss!! You know yourself, na nyinyi madem wa club na form shauri zenu; go get yourselves checked!!To the lucky ones, wachaneni na tamaa” he concluded.

Credits: Willy Paul’s Instagram.

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