Samidoh and Karen Nyamu Happily Take 2-Year-Old Daughter to School

Baby Taraya Wairimu alias Nimu, is the daughter of both the lawyer-cum-nominated senator Karen Nyamu and controversial Mugithi crooner Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh. The little bundle of joy, said to be 2 years of age, was admitted to school on Tuesday 9th January 2024, to kick off a stage of education in her life.

As revealed and confirmed by the nominated Senator, through the video clips and images she shared on her Instagram stories, the royal daughter made her first steps in a classroom and she didn’t get a culture shock at all. Maybe because to her, the setting still seemed cinematic.

Playing a father figure role in this first episode of baby Wairimu’s lifelong journey, Samidoh joined his baby mama to show affection to their young one; a decision that looked supportive of a child’s development.

This was crystal clear in one video that showed the three of them in a car, as Samidoh held excitedly on the driver seat while Mrs Nyamu together with the little angel comfortably enjoyed the ride as they all head to the school.

Even though Samidoh was not captured in the video, his voice could be heard as he was talking in the background.

In yet another video, confirming that the three had successfully succeeded in admitting baby Wairimu to school, their young daughter was captured sitting on a chair while in the classroom and she also held some book, something that indeed wowed her parents.

Here are the links for the posts she made showing how she took her daughter to school today:


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