Saddening: Eric Omondi Mourns Death of Baby Dylan

Celebrated comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has been saddened to announce the death of a small boy by the name Dylan who passed away while receiving medication in India.

Being renowned for using his social media fans collaboratively to give hope to those who have hardly been hit by life to a state of despair, through endless support, Eric happened to share Dylan’s story two months ago after his father appealed for help.

Following a confirmation that baby Dylan had been hit by cancer, Eric decided to extend his hands in support by mobilizing his fans to help raise the millions of money that was required for baby Dylan to have a bone marrow transplant.

Photo: Eric Omondi’s Post, Asking fans For help to raise medical Expenses for Baby Dylan

After raising the amount successfully, Eric further took another step to help the family of baby Dylan to secure a flight to India, where they hoped that Dylan would have tremendous progress in his health and come back to the country with revived health.

A few hours after learning about the demise of baby Dylan, Eric expressed a mourning mood, feeling disappointed that his ever prayer to have baby Dylan recover never got answered. He shared his saddening feelings via his social media handle acknowledging that he, hand in hand with the ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi initiative’-where he mobilizes his fans to contribute money for those in need, did all they could to save a life but it all ended in vain.

He wrote:

“We have lost Dylan. We gave our best, this one hit different. I was hopeful but God has his plans. We keep the family in prayers, rest with the angels champ.”

Below is the link to Eric Omondi’s IG story:

This has saddened most netizens who send condolence messages through the comments section, some of them highlighted as shown in the shot below.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


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