Eric Omondi Comes To Alpha Mwana Mtule’s Aid

Comedian-turned-philanthropist Eric Omondi has come to artist Alpha Mwana Mtule’s aid after Kenyatta National Hospital held him for pending bill. The gospel musician has been in the hospital in the last one month despite being discharged. He couldn’t afford to pay the remaining balance which is approximately Sh.0.5Million.

Days ago, Mtule shared a video pleading with well wishers to help in clearing his hospital bill. He thanked his fans for initially contributing to the sum he had partly paid.

The artist’s cry was answered by the comedian who first visited him at the hospital to confirm the situation. Omondi who has been engaging in philanthropic acts, took Mtule’s case and decided to raise the hospital bill through his social media pages.

“Team SISI KWA SISI…TUNATOA Ndugu yetu Hosi leo…He has suffered enough. Alikua Discharged one Month ago but ako na Pending Bill ya 450k…WE ARE GOING LIVE NOW ON MY INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. LETS GOOO💪🙏 His Number is
0725468373 (NAME: PETER WANGUDI) Send whatever you can,” the Facebook caption read.

Credits: Eric Omondi’s Facebook.

In yet another post, the comedian urged his fans to support the artist clear the bill so that he does not spend the Christmas holiday in hospital. He acknowledged that Mtule had gone through a rough time and deserved to be at home. Omondi hyped the cybercitizens to raise the money as soon as possible in order to make the mission possible.

“This guy has REALY gone through a lot. TEAM SISI KWA SISI Naomba tumtoe hapa leo. He was Discharged like a month ago but he is being held here because of a pending bill of Ksh 450K, Hii tuta Raise Saizi niende nimtoe aende home asikule Christmas hapa. His number is 0725468373 (NAME: PETER WANGUDI). Send whatever you can,” Omondi wrote.

Credits: Omondi’s Facebook.

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