Karen Nyamu Breaks Silence After Samidoh Publicly Declared He Is Single

Karen Nyamu, the controversial Kenyan lawyer-cum-politician has finally broken her silence commenting about Samidoh’s sentiments that they are no longer an item.

Going by Karen Nyamu’s remarks, her baby daddy is just playing tricks on their fans. Taking to her Facebook account, the nominated Senator dusted Samidoh’s claims making it crystal clear as sky that every door hinges between them is still intact.

Photo/Courtesy: Samidoh While Performing on Stage

Responding to a fan who who triggered a question to Nyamu, in the comment section of her post, the politician mockingly told the fan never to believe anything on the social media feed; a sign that things are different on the ground.

After uploading a photo that she took in 2022 at Muthurua Market, fans of the nominated senator instantly reacted and these are a sample of the fan’s comments and Nyamu’s response:

Nancie Moses said:

“Naskia uliachwa na gakundi koomu” (“I heard that you were dumped”)

In her response, Karen Nyamu said:

“Utaskia sana bado hujaskia 🤣” (“You will hear a lot, you’ve not yet heard”).

Julii Jackson also said:

“Samidoh finally he is single, God is in these story”

Karen Nyamu however responded by saying:

“Na ukaamini? 😂😂 ah” (“And you believed it? 😂😂 ah”).

Julii Jackson however continued the conversation saying:

“Yes cz that’s my all time prayers”.

Karen Nyamu yet again answered:

“Itabidi ukue patient sioni ukijibiwa soon 🤣” (“You will have to be patient because I don’t see your prayers being answered soon 🤣”).

Photo: Karen Nyamu’s Post and reactions from fanbase

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