Bahati’s Confirm New Wedding Date After Disappointing Fans

One of the best and adorable couples, the Bahati’s, have once again given a new date for their wedding following the previously collapsed plan. This time, the duo have vowed to their fans, promising that they’ll do all it takes to make the wedding happen.

Responding to question on when they plan to have the wedding, both Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua confirmed 2024 as their year of tying knots and saying ‘yes I do.’

On Monday 18th, December 2023, popular vlogger and YouTuber Diana Marua shared beautiful pictures of herself and her husband enjoying best romantic moments during their friend’s Director Ritchie’s wedding that they attended about a week ago.

She then captioned the photos, sweetly admiring to officially marry Bahati.

“I can’t wait for the day when I say YES I DO to my best friend @BahatiKenya. I love you dear.. 2024 will be the year of The Bahatis,” Diana Marua wrote.

Confirming her wife’s remarks, Bahati affirmed that 2024 is in deed the long awaited day to conduct the auspicious occasion.

He said:

“2024 I Swear!!”

Previously, the two lovebirds told fans that they’ll have their wedding done on December 12, 2023 which has passed already. This followed their official engagement earlier this year which left their fans salivating for the wedding cake.

Will they apologize to fans yet another time come 2024?


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